Up for Adoption

After leaving Madrid we drove to Toledo, the old capital of Spain.  The perfect example of a medieval European city, Toledo is remarkable for its hold on its own history.  Considered the second most important city in the Catholic religion (second only to the Vatican) and at one point the planned place for the burial of Ferdinand and Isabella (until they decided to be buried in newly reconquered Granada), Toledo is rich in culture and importance.  Plus, it’s pretty stinking awesome to look at.

We made a morning of a few quick tours, seeing the church that Ferdinand and Isabella built for their planned burial, which now serves as a school, and El Greco’s masterpiece “El Entierro del Conde de Orgaz” (“The Burial of the Count of Orgaz”).  We traipsed around the central square for lunch, and promptly discovered the Toledo is all uphill, regardless of which direction you take.  Next was a trip to the Hotel Beatriz outside the city walls (read: next to a highway in the middle of nothing) and a rather helpful informational meeting, our last before our arrival in Sevilla.  Peanut butter M&Ms and a PopTart for dinner (a lot of people ate in the cafeteria downstairs and said that I likely had the better meal) and an early night to bed to rest up before the 7-hour bus ride. 
There are few things in this world as momentarily frightening as wondering what your Spanish
señora thinks of you.  Luckily, Molly and I needn’t have worried.  María Carmen is a sweet, sweet lady who is kind and funny.  We are incredibly blessed, and I already love Sevilla.  It is a beautiful city, with fantastic weather and Vespa-drivers who think that they belong on the sidewalks, too.  More to come, but taste of what I walk past every day:
The Lord is good, friends.


One thought on “Up for Adoption

  1. Hi Emily,I don't know if you remember me from Perry, but Atlanta Tigert sent me your blog to follow because we are fellow Aggies (and she LOVES her former student!)! Gig 'Em Anyway, come to find out not only do we share good 'ol texas a&m, but also a love for the Lord and for all things John Acuff (follow him on twitter and lol to him daily!)! (not that they should be in the same sentence/level together, but you get it…) Anyway, so excited to read more about your adventure. Praying for your safety and His Glory revealed further to you! Have fun!Melody Goldmeyer

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