The End of the World and Back

I’m not going to lie, it’s a wonderful thing to be able to run off to Portugal for the weekend.  The rest of Europe must agree with me– I’ve gotten to hear so many great accents in the last few days!  I’m tempted to ditch Spain and stay in Portugal for the remainder of my time in Europe.  They speak English, they’re really laid-back, and it is possibly the prettiest place I’ve ever seen.  What’s not to love?  Top four:

1. Whitewashed buildings everywhere
2. The Dona Ana beach literally one minute from our hotel
3. Cabo San Vincente (aka “The End of the World”) to watch the sunset
4. Stairway to the grottoes and caves (possibly the best place on this planet)
Throughout the whole weekend, I was continually amazed by the beauty of creation, and how much the Lord loves us, just to give us such beauty for our experiential pleasure.  I was constantly reminded of the verse of these being but “the fringes”– makes me excited to see the whole picture one day!

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