Lesson Learned

“Don’t leave your bags unattended.  Keep a close eye on all your things.  Don’t let your guard down.”  Yes, Dr. Greenwald/numerous online sources/ISA directors, I know, I know, you’ve told me.  I got this.  I’m practically a Spaniard by now!

So it’s official– despite the fact that multiple people, including Spaniards, have asked me for directions, and the fact that I’ve more or less mastered the bus system and map of Sevilla, and the fact that I’m a million times better at navigating narrow, unmarked streets–I’m still a tourist here.  My bag was sneakily stolen out from under me yesterday.  There I was, a studious American looking over her terrorism notes and learning about St. Thomas Aquinas’s theory of just war at La Plaza de España, enjoying the breeze and the people, perched on a beautiful tiled ledge, my bag a foot below me on the ground, when all of a sudden I saw a flash of a shirt out of the corner of my eye and five minutes later I looked down and my bag was gone. 

And by “bag” I mean: iPod, books, class notes, wallet with ID/money/debit card/insurance cards, sweater, liquid soap, homework, and phone.  

It was my fault for leaving my stuff unguarded (who knew just war theory could be so engrossing?), and much of it can be replaced with relatively little hassle.  Funny, I’m most upset about losing my iPod, because I had just fought a thirty-minute battle with it, and about losing the soap that I had literally bought an hour before.  The irony abounds– I had debated taking my phone with me, but did so because I thought it would be wise; and so on and so forth.

But this gets to be another one of the seasons that the Lord is still God over.  These things are just things, and throughout the chaos yesterday the Lord showed mercy many times over.  Dad had the day off and so was available to call Visa and shut the card down, as well as handle things with the DMV.  My host mom was incredibly sweet and helpful, and her son kindly accompanied us to the police station to help translate.  So many more people offered help and sympathy, which just blows me away.  I am continually reminded of the amazing people in my life, and for that, I am so grateful.

Cádiz, Spain


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