The Times in Between

I finally have my debit card, yay.  I booked my flight to Italy for December, and now am trying to fill in the weekends in between.  It’s scary to see I only have three left!  I have a feeling that November is going to fly by, and I don’t know how I feel about that.  On one hand I can’t wait to belong in my own life again, but at the same time, I’m in Europe, for heaven’s sake.

Last Friday we went to a little town called Ronda.  Two hours away, it’s a quaint place of about 40,000 residents.  One of the last to be reconquered by the Christians in 1485 (Granada was the last, in 1492), the city is a neat combination of Roman, Spanish, and Moorish designs.  One of the most striking features is the bridge, and the gorge that it spans (Google it for pictures; I can’t post them yet).  I hiked a bit down into it, was almost attacked by a mule, and met some lovely Dutch people.  We were certainly ready to go when we did– it’s really not more than a day trip, but it was adorable.

This weekend is one of a more local variety.  Yesterday the Cathedral, the Alcazar (palace/administration building built in 913 by the Moors), the General Indian Archives (as in Indies, not either people group), and today, finally, Italica, the first Roman city built in Spain.  It was great to finally see the Cathedral and the Alcazar, since I pass them so often.  The view from the top of the Giralda was well worth the trip up the ramps to the top (we’re debating whether ramps are better or worse than stairs), and the many, many peacock-populated gardens at the Alcazar were beautiful.  The Archives are all in Spanish, and we didn’t feel like putting in the effort to translate them, but it’s still a neat building, built hundreds of years ago. 

Molly is in Morocco this weekend, and I think, after the supermarket trip with my host mom where I heard Smash Mouth’s “Walking on the Sun”, that I’m okay I’m here instead. 


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