Leeches, Thai Teeth, and Barcelona

Hey y’all!  So excited to get back and hear everyone saying that instead of giving me the occasional weird look.  It’s officially less than 30 days (29) till I touch down on US soil, and everyone here has been getting so antsy to get back.  I think it must have hit this weekend, as we watched the facebook statuses from our friends brag about going home for Thanksgiving!  But, as much as part of me just wants to bolt now, I still have 29 days and a couple trips left, so I’m hoping to do my best to enjoy it.  So, without further ado, Barcelona!  

Let me begin by saying it’s possibly the coolest city in Spain.  Great architecture liberally bestowed on even the most random of buildings.  This picture above is the post office.  Can you believe that?  Our brick rectangles look so sad in comparison!  I flew in Friday night and stayed till Monday.  In that time I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art (which was a complete snooze), the market at La Boqueria twice (which was a blast), La Sagrada Familia (an unfinished church designed by Gaudi, the two pictures below), the church of Santa Maria del Mar (apparently an amazing example of churchy architecture), the Museum of the City of Barcelona (complete with Roman ruins underground), Parc Guell (Gaudi), and did a whole lot of wandering on La Rambla and throughout the Gothic Quarter.  Barcelona definitely embraces its European heritage over its Spanish one, which made for a unique city.  
Another great thing about Barcelona is the International Church of Barcelona.  English services, and the assistant pastor’s parents live about five minutes from mine (plus he’s an Aggie fan).  What a difference being in a body of believers makes!  I have undoubtedly had the importance of Christian community reinforced during this semester.  After church I went out for pizza with Sini from Finland and Emma from England– “international” indeed.
The entrance to Parc Guell:
“I got people who will take teeth and leeches for me?  I’m a lucky guy.”  The line from this week’s Chuck had me smiling, and not just because it was Chuck.  This semester has also reminded me of how amazing the peope back home are.  I know I still have 29 days to go, but thank you all so much for always checking up on me, for putting up with awful phone calls where we can hardly hear each other, and for all the prayers.  Can’t wait to see you all soon.

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