The Joy of the Lord is our Strength

I’ll get to Paris soon enough, but this first part of this post is going to be Serious Business.  This weekend hasn’t been the easiest, but it has been full of the Lord’s goodness, which I know I will take over “simple” any day.  As most of you know, Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday, from the cooking to the eating to the fighting over ads (Jonathan is an ad hog) to the planning of Black Friday–it’s my holiday.  And while obviously I knew I would be gone for it this year, it didn’t make it any easier when Thursday rolled around and I was sitting in culture class.  But the Lord is so faithful!  My professor made my day by changing his facebook status to a children’s handprint turkey and announcing that he was a turkey, and I was constantly reminded of the Lord’s goodness throughout the day, and that Thanksgiving is totally irrelevant apart from the love of Christ.  And Paris, how lovely of a city– more to come– but so great!  And then the last few days, I’ve had the best conversations with people that I am so blessed by, and I’ve had the most incredible amount of love showered on me.  So yes, what love from what an amazing Lord.

So, Paris!  I loved it so much more than I ever expected to do.  Granted, it’s easy to see why: lots of dessert, lots of free art, a river, super friendly people, Hillsong Paris (be jealous, friends).  I had some great tips from a good friend who had lived there before, and I had such an amazing time.  It was unbelievably cold (walking around in 30 degree weather all day…not a fan!) and the Eiffel Tower took years to get through, but I won’t complain too much.  It was inconvenient not to know any French, though on the plus side I now know what “egg” is, and can forever avoid them on food I order.  I can’t even explain it well, but for some reason the whole weekend just seemed right, including the two girls from Baylor I ended up sitting next to at church.  I am ready to come home (21 days), but am so blessed by my opportunities here.

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