Home Again

I apologize for my long absence.  I am back in the States, as most of you can guess, and am so glad to be back!  The last couple weeks were agonizing slow and simultaneously way too fast.  How sad it was to leave my professors, my friends, the staff at ISA, and Maria Carmen, the sweet woman I lived with!  But finally I was on a bus to Madrid, and then a plane to Palma Mallorca, and then another to Berlin.

A good friend of mine is a seminary student in Berlin, and graciously allowed me to stay with her.  She gave me a tour of the city, and was patient with my continual complaints about the weather (apparently I’m not really made for snow).  A few days later, we traveled to Siegburg, her home town, and the town where I’d been almost two years ago with my church.  Germany’s public transportation doesn’t seem to do well in snow, so it was pretty much the longest day ever.  But finally we made it, and it was so great to see my old host family!

The rest of my time in Germany went by quickly.  We had an amazing breakfast and lunch (clearly I studied in the wrong country), and then went to a medieval Christmas market, and my host father gave me a great tour of the Siegburg police station.  The next day my host father and I hit the road bright and early at 4, to get to the Cologne airport, about 20 minutes from the house.  After what seemed like a million hours, I made it to Texas, without any sort of delays or issues. 

How good it is to be back!  I feel like I’m the only one not suffering from reverse culture shock.  I did have to remind myself to tip at restaurants, and that room 111 is actually on the ground floor, and the not a flight of stairs up, but that’s been all.  I love getting back to American food, and seeing my friends, and driving again.  I certainly learned a lot during my time abroad, but there is nothing like being home, trying to steer your cart in Target, to really make you feel like you belong.

This will likely be my last post, at least until the last adventure.  Thanks to all who kept up with me; love you!


One thought on “Home Again

  1. No, blog more! I enjoy reading a glimpse of people's lives, even if they don't do "big" things like go to Spain for a semester. You should keep the blog and make it your random musings. Think Facebook but a little longer.

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