Berlin is a Tease

Most of y’all know this about me– I hate cold weather.  I hate snow, hate brisk wind, hate having to wear fifteen shirts in order to not get frostbitten.  Also, I’m from Texas, so my definition of “cold” might not fit that of someone who lives north of the Mason-Dixon line.  Deal with it.

This is where the story gets a teensy bit sad.  A dear, dear friend of mine lives in Berlin, Germany, and I had been planning to visit her over Easter for a while.  A couple from church came back from Berlin a couple weeks earlier and had only rave reviews about the weather: “It’s so warm!  We didn’t even need our jackets!”  All of this made me extraordinarily happy, since the last time I was in Berlin it was two days before Christmas and the city was covered in snow.  By the time I got there, though, Berlin was like the rest of Europe– cold, with precipitation….snow flurries!  Granted, they didn’t stick to the ground, but come on, snow in April?  What?

Despite my near-constant complaining, however, I absolutely loved my Easter break.  Germany is great.  German bread is great.  German people are great.  German friends are fantastic.  Some highlights:
–Swiss Airlines.  Seriously, y’all.  I flew with them from Madrid to Geneva, Geneva to Zürich, and Zürich to Berlin.  Each time I got Swiss chocolate, and they usually fed us.  The first flight they gave us these amazing pizza roll things that I’m still thinking about.
–As is tradition, I was travelling in an A&M t-shirt (that way the plane won’t crash), and the sandwich guy at the Geneva airport got very excited.  “You’re from Texas?!”  “Yes?” “Hey guys, she’s from Texas!”  You would have thought that I handed him the keys to a Ferrari.  Even considering how much I don’t know French, it was terribly obvious that meeting a girl from Texas was probably going to be the best part of his week.  When I left, he waved like crazy, which partially made up for the expensive, bland sandwich.
–Movie nights!  I finally got caught up on seeing Up and Inception.  I know, I know, I missed the boat, but I watched them, finally, and they were so good!  I may or may not have cried about eight times during Up.
–Chocolate-covered bananas with sprinkles.

The best part, though, hands down, was seeing my friend.  Berlin was gorgeous, and I loved walking around with her, who was way more useful than any tour guide.  I love visiting places and staying with locals: they speak the language, know how to use the transit system, know where the good places to eat are, and usually you get to stay at their house!  I am so grateful that my friend hosted me for such a fun weekend, and that I was able to get out of Spain for a while.  There is something about Germany that feels just a little bit more like home, and so a weekend in Berlin was exactly what I needed.


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