Muster…this is how we do it

Aggies gathered together on June 26, 1883 to live over again their college days, the victories and defeats won and lost upon the drill field and classroom. Eventually the annual gathering evolved into a celebration of Texas Independence on San Jacinto Day – April 21st. Over time the tradition has changed, but its very essence has remained: “If there is an A&M man in one hundred miles of you, you are expected to get together, eat a little, and live over the days you spent at the A&M College of Texas.” Muster is celebrated in more than four hundred places worldwide, with the largest ceremony on the Texas A&M campus in College Station. — Aggie Muster History website

While A&M is known for being a bit cultish with its traditions, Aggies know what I’m talking about when I mention Muster.  It’s a point of pride to be a part of something that honors the past and looks to the future.  We love each other like family, regardless of age or graduating class, and Muster is a time to recognize that.

Before I knew my roommate was coming, I didn’t expect to go to Muster, because according to the Muster website, the closest Muster was in Switzerland or North Africa. Seriously.  So no Muster for me, right?  Wrong!  Sarah came, and we had our own fabulous version Saturday night. Starting with making lists on the train, and ending with making a playlist of all the songs that remind us of A&M, watching inspirational football videos (heck yes), and eating peanut butter M&Ms.  Honestly, I cannot imagine a better way to celebrate the school we love than this.  How blessed are we?!  So this is what we came up with (it’s kind of long but you’ll survive):

12 Things We Love About A&M:
1. It’s a huge university with lots of opportunities but it doesn’t feel massive and impersonal.
2. Anywhere you go, you see an Aggie Ring and you have something in common.
3. The rec center and exercise classes.  (We miss our Tabata instructor Leah!)
4. The terrible prevalent attitude of service.
5. People are friendly and always ready to help. (Don’t y’all remember walking around campus with a map your first day of school?)
6. The profs are awesome.  They know their stuff, they want us to succeed, and they don’t ignore us for the sake of their research.
7.  The Aggie Network/Cult.
8. The Traditions: Silver Tap, the Century Tree, pond hopping, Muster, “howdy”, the MSC, Reveille…
9. Football games, the Twelfth Man, baseball games. Kyle Field.
10. Christian community/greatest friends and roommates ever.
11. We have awesome graduates who have accomplished things for the world instead of just resting on being “elite”.
12. Our future as Ags: The Bush School of Government and Public Service and the Texas A&M School of Medicine.

A&M iTunes Playlist:
Roger Creagor: “Love”
Bart Crow Band: “Wear My Ring”
Robert Earl Keen: “The Road Goes On”
Josh Abbott Band: “Oh, Tonight”
Granger Smith: “We Bleed Maroon”
Dixie Chicks: “Wide Open Spaces”
Stoney LaRue: “Velvet”
Lee Brice: “Love Like Crazy”
anything by Eli Young Band, Kyle Park, Randy Rogers, or Eric Church

Best Texas A&M Videos: (yeah we get chills, too)
Welcome to Aggieland:
There is a Spirit (narrated by Roger Creagor):

…and then there’s us.  Best Muster ever.


3 thoughts on “Muster…this is how we do it

  1. So I haven’t heard it but my mother-in-law sent a link to a song with Aggie Swag in the title somewhere! In case you haven’t heard of it! Also, the msc reopened but we haven’t been to see it yet! I am really excited to see it-maybe Sunday! I am thankful the Aggie Network/Cult is alive and well in Austin (I think)!! Glad you enjoyed your visit. Let’s skype soon!

  2. hi, sweet friend. love you! i’m so excited to hear that you celebrated Muster in Spain. Seriously, Muster is my favorite tradition. You are such a blessing!! Keep running, sweet friend 🙂

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