16 days, not that anyone is counting

So it’s been, what, two and half months since I last was here?  I know, that makes me the worst blogger ever, though I doubt many of you are surprised. I’m certainly not.

As of today, I have sixteen days left in this country.  I’m sure that around Day 5 I will freak out briefly about not having seen all the museums, not having taken the cable rail, and the possibility of never returning and eating the most fabulous croissants in the world from La Mallorquina, but for now I cannot wait to get back.  I can’t wait for HEB, Target, The Cheesecake Factory with Laura.  Highways and Aggieland, Kyle Field and potluck (which I’ve had confirmed is still happening, thank the Lord and Rachel).  My good friend’s wedding, at which I will see so many other people I love.  Breakfast dates and bridesmaid dress shopping– I can’t wait for it all. And be prepared, y’all; I am awesome at hello hugs.

The last couple months have been both crazy and very uneventful at the same time.  I finally made it to Sevilla last weekend to go see my old host mom, who is alive and well, and as sweet as ever.  Sevilla is a great town for those who hate change (i.e., me)– the trolley has been extended and the construction projects are done, but the bus routes are still the same, and the city still feels as sunny and restful as ever.  I like it so much more as a tourist destination, though, and have realized that I could theoretically live in Madrid, while I never could in Sevilla.

To be sure, Madrid has grown on me.  Spain has grown on me.  The city of Madrid is engaging rather than entrapping, though there will always be some Spanish customs that make little sense to me.  That being said, I have settled in to the life that I live here, with my glorious friends, picnics in the park, cherries and bananas from the fruterias, gelato in Chueca, meetings and small group and Oasis.  Still, my patience for Valdemoro, my little suburb, has run out, and it is time to get back to everything I love about Texas.  Every day I battle the urge to start packing (it is still way too soon, and I’ll drive myself crazy if I start now).  I am doing my best to stay here until I leave, though, and am looking forward to a movie date on Tuesday with a good friend, and to some final days of exploring.  Spain has been good to me, and I am grateful for what I have learned.  I am, however, more grateful for what I get to come home to.  See y’all in a few weeks.


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